Garden Man Cave

All Year Round Outdoor Entertainment & Dining

This garden man cave design provides a great area to entertain throughout the year and the shape has been based on a four bay full span fully hipped garage. Three pairs of softwood garage doors have been used and painted, two sets of which have been placed parallel to each other at the front & rear of the building. This has created a lockable secure area as well as a through flow from the driveway at the front of the house to the rear garden that would have normally been only accessible by footpath.

Floor joists have also been used above this through flow space garage bay which has in turn created a savvy storage area that keeps clutter out of  eye sight. another pair of garage doors have been used at the front of the building which can be opened up to allow more light  into the building as well as lot of ventilation when cooking on the amazing built in BBQ behind the doors. A Velux window in the roof has been put in for the same reason.

The main point of access to this garden man cave is on the right hand side where you can walk from the outdoor pool area to the undercover pool table further on behind this there is a built in granite topped bar. With built in sink, fridge, grill, BBQ, smoker and dishwasher this bar area makes this garden man cave a very enjoyable space, ideal for entertaining throughout the year rain or shine.

However our personal favourite part of this epic outdoor entertainment space is the rear half section of the building where it has been left open  which offers views across the garden from the seating area as well as a separate outdoor fireplace and chimney. I was told by our client that it kicks out so much heat he can easily sit outside in the dead of winter and it’s a great space for all his family and friends to use throughout the year. With these types of buildings BBQ’s don’t have to be a summer event you could even have a Christmas BBQ also!

This oak frame building is going to look better and better as it ages, the oak weatherboard and oak frame will gradually silver and this combination with the polished granite floor, the painted softwood doors, the outdoor fireplace and the red clay tile roof will look truly stunning.