Oak Framed Carports - Catslide Garages With Half Bay attachments

Are you looking to extend the amount of available space in your garage without the hassle of increasing the ridge height of your home? Our oak framed garage with catslide roof and half bay attachment is the ideal solution. Catslide roofs are a feature that follows down the main eaves height and increases the depth or width of the building without adding to the height. Combine them with a half bay attachment on the side of your garage to increase the internal space of your garage. Take a look at some of our options for oak framed carports below.

What is a Catslide?

A catslide refers to a specific form of roof extension that has been used in many homes over the centuries. It refers to a part of the roof that slopes downwards past the height of the main eaves until it almost reaches the ground. It’s a design used in architecture ever since medieval times with the main advantage being that it allows heavy objects to slide down easily. This design has enabled heavy snow and ice or other objects to be easily and effortlessly moved down the slope, as well as allowing an easy roof climb without the need for ladders or stairs.

The Benefits of Catslides

In addition to the benefits listed above, catslides have the main advantage of allowing you to extend the width of your single oak framed garage without needing to increase your ridge height. This is particularly important as an increase in ridge height above 4m could require you to seek planning permission from the local council. As such, catslides are a much more efficient and less stressful option for extending your usable space. They are also easy to install and more cost effective compared to other roofing options, are perfect for water drainage during heavy rainfall and add aesthetic value to your property. For more information please visit the Planning Portal website or give the office a call on 01273 400411 for any queries or planning advice. 

What is a Half Bay?

Our garages include an addition called a half bay on the front and side that may be handed either left or right. It increases the interior space of garages and allows for the provision of a secure separate area while maintaining an open garage and avoiding the cost of garage doors. Our half bay width is 1.45 metres, however, they can be altered to meet your needs. We provide our half bays as standard with featheredge weatherboards to match the rest of the structure, but we can also add a personal door to make them unique. In a garage or oak frame construction, the half bays are also blended into regular bays to provide separate workshops and entrances.

Oak Designs

A variety of 1, 2, 3 and 4 oak framed carports with the Catslide feature are available from Oak Designs. Take a look through our variety of Accessories & Upgrades to find the garage that best meets your requirements. In addition, we offer a range of building designs for your home made with sturdy workmanship and authentic attention to detail. From outdoor kitchens to magnificent gazebos, we can design a quality oak structure that is completely bespoke to your needs. To find out more we invite you to get in touch with us today. Alternatively, you can request a site visit or download one of our free brochures.