Oak Frame Car Ports - Full Span Garages with Half Bay Attachments

What does Full Span mean?

A full span roof is a roof unlike a catslide, the beam to the front & rear inside of the building remain the same height. This is typically 2.10m to the underside of the eaves, although this can be adjusted.

What is a Half Bay?

A half bay is an attachment to the front and side of our garages that can be handed either left or right. It gives garages more internal space as well as the ability to give a secure separate area whilst having an open garage and forgoing the expense of garage doors.  Our standard Half bay Width is 1.45m However they can be customized to your requirements. As standard we offer our half bay with a featheredge weatherboard to suit the rest of the building however we can also customize by putting in a personnel door. The half bays are also incorporated into normal bays to create separate workshop and entrances within a garage or oak frame building.

How does this benefit you?

With a Full Span roof you can utilise all of the space inside the building as it will provide full standing height to the very back. So if you were to convert a bay into an office or home gym the full span will offer you better height & space. The Full Span design would also suit larger/taller cars that require increased height at the rear of a garage.