Oak Frame Car Ports - Full Span Garages with Half Bay Attachments


Discover innovative designs and unmatched craftsmanship tailored to elevate your property with timeless elegance and practical functionality. Explore our range of full span garages with customisable half bay attachments, meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.


What does Full Span mean?

 A full span roof, essential for wood framed garages and oak frame car ports, stands distinct from a catslide design. Unlike a catslide, where the beam heights vary, a full span roof maintains consistent beam heights from the front to the rear inside of the building. Typically, this height measures around 2.10m to the underside of the eaves, ensuring ample headroom and space for various tasks. However, this measurement can be adjusted according to your specific requirements, providing flexibility in design and functionality.

What is a Half Bay?

 A half bay serves as a versatile attachment positioned at the front and side of our garages. These half bays can be handed either left or right, offering enhanced internal space and the option to create secure separate areas within an open garage setup. Our standard half bay width is 1.45m, but customisation options are available to align with your unique needs and preferences. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to customise half bays with features such as personnel doors, providing further convenience and utility. These half bays seamlessly integrate into the overall design, allowing for the creation of separate workshop areas or distinct entrances within the garage or oak frame car port.

How does this benefit you?

 For those seeking wood framed garages or oak frame car ports, the full span roof design offers numerous advantages. By providing full standing height to the very back of the structure, the full span roof maximises the available space, allowing for optimal utilisation of the interior. Whether you're considering converting a bay into an office space or a home gym, the full span design offers superior height and space, accommodating a wide range of activities and uses. Additionally, the full span design is ideal for larger or taller vehicles that require increased height clearance at the rear of the garage. With our wood framed garages and oak frame car ports featuring full span roofs, you can enjoy the versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of a thoughtfully designed structure tailored to your specific needs.

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