Oak Outdoor Kitchen & Dining

We at The Oak Designs Company offer a range of exciting oak frame Outdoor Living buildings to spark you imagination! Most of our buildings are dual purpose and will not only add function but will be enjoyed by all and endure the test of time. With over 35 years of craftsmanship experience, we specialise in high-quality, bespoke designs crafted from responsibly sourced oak. Our commitment to excellence ensures every piece is meticulously handmade, reflecting our dedication to timeless craftsmanship. 

We listen to you our client and will design buildings to suit your individual requirements with glazed doors and windows, covered seating area and space for kitchen/barbecues, filter equipment, sauna, Jacuzzi and gym. Outdoor kitchens are the very latest trend in residential landscape design, and are already proving popular on the Continent.

The oak framed building provides ample space for dining, and can be fitted out to rival the most lavish indoor cooking areas complete with stainless steel appliances, fridge / freezers, granite worktops and sink units. Dine al fresco – enjoy a bottle of wine even when it’s raining or windy. For enhanced pleasure, why not add spotlighting and infra-red heating?

Outdoor dining area

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Timber & Oak Outdoor Kitchens & Dining FAQs

What sets an oak or timber outdoor kitchen apart from other materials?

Oak and timber outdoor kitchens stand out due to their exceptional durability and timeless aesthetic. Both are known for their durability, longevity and a classic charm that only improves with age. Its natural beauty and ability to withstand outdoor elements make it a great choice for creating inviting outdoor kitchen spaces.

Can an oak outdoor kitchen withstand different weather conditions? 

Yes, oak and timber outdoor kitchens are designed to withstand various weather conditions. Oak and timber are naturally resistant to moisture and decay, making it well-suited for outdoor environments. Proper maintenance and sealing further enhance its ability to endure rain and snow, ensuring your outdoor kitchen remains robust and appealing for years to come.

What groundwork is required for an oak or timber outdoor kitchen?

Absolutely! Oak outdoor kitchens are entirely customisable to fit various spaces and individual preferences. From size adjustments to incorporating specific features and finishes, our approach ensures your outdoor kitchen is tailored precisely to your requirements. Whether it's a compact setup or a culinary haven. To learn more, please get in touch and request a site visit with us.