Oak Frame Car Ports

Oak car ports provide both an area that will help protect and shelter your vehicles as well as yourself from the elements. Oak car ports are either designed to have all faces open or some faces open without utilising cladding, brickwork, or stud work. Whilst this option doesn’t deliver the same security and storage abilities of a garage, it can lower your costs on labour, materials and groundworks. Oak car ports with open sides present the ability to use pad foundations instead of strip foundations, making oak car ports a savvy lower-cost project. Oak car ports are ideal in providing cover and protection when parking under or near trees. They are also a fantastic option if you’re looking to put a building up but have restricted access to your plot or driveway.
Having the open front, rear and sides on an oak car port will not only make parking easier in areas with restricted access but will also allow you to park a car of any size underneath. If you are elderly or disabled, this will create plenty more space, making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Open sides of an oak car port make the beautiful solid oak frame more visible, embracing the raw beauty of traditional oak beams and braces. However, if you’re looking for more privacy in your oak car port, we can create a suspended wall, meaning that the building will not require strip foundations, essentially keeping your project to a lower cost. At Oak Designs Company we will create and work with you to design a custom oak car port that works best for you. At Oak Designs, our oak car ports are handcrafted, meaning that we can make your car port tailored to you. Take a look at some of our beautiful oak car ports on our case study page.
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