Cat Slide Roof Garages

What is a Catslide?

A catslide roof is a roof that continues down below the main eaves height and allows you to have a greater depth of building without increasing your ridge height.


How does this benefit you?

With the addition of a Catslide you can increase the depth without the need to increase the ridge height. But why would I worry about increasing the ridge height I hear you ask! By keeping the ridge height below 4m it reduces the likehood of you requiring planning permission. For more information please visit the Planning Portal website or get into in contact with us for any planning queries.

Oak Designs offer a range of 1,2,3 & 4 bay garages with the Catslide feature. Find the garage that suits your needs and see our selection of Accessories & Upgrades available or use our 'Quote my Design' tool to create your perfect building and request a quote.



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