Oak Framed Garden Offices

With more companies getting on board with flexible working hours and work from home schemes, there is no better opportunity than now to look into crafting your very own oak framed garden office. It’s time to escape from household distractions and create a healthy work/life balance with our selection of garden studios and oak framed offices.  

Could you imagine taking a short commute across your garden into a beautiful oak framed garden office? At Oak Designs we have a number of different garden office designs to suit your every need. Built using the finest materials, our hand-crafted garden offices are eco-friendly and offer the perfect solution to working from home. Our garden offices are bespoke and all of our designs can be tailored to suit your individual preferences.  At Oak Designs, we ensure that every build is constructed to perfection. 

Wooden garage surrounded by trees

Take a look at some of our home office case studies