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Choose the number of bays

Welcome to the “Quote My Design” tool where by a step by step process you can design your own garage.

Let’s get started by selecting how many bays you would like on your garage!

Please note: Standard bay width is 2.6m but there is an option to opt for extra wide bays which are 2.9m between the posts on each bay.

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Select roof design

Step 2 is for you to decide on a roof  line shape. Our range of roof designs offer you something a little different depending on what you need. Gable, Barn Hip, Full Hip or a combination roof with Gable at one end and Full Hip at the other or Full Hip and Barn Hip; these all offer versatility with you garage design, allowing you to create the perfect space.

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Aisle & Log Store

In addition to your chosen number of garage bays you may want to add either an Aisle or a Logstore to maximise space and funtionality.

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Choose the depth

We offer 8 different depths in our Acorn Garage range, allowing you to choose just the right depth for your vehicle. Please note the images below are representational and are based on the average length of a smaller car; Mini Cooper (3.8m) a mid-range Audi S3 Saloon (4.4m) and a larger vehicle, Range Rover Sport (4.8m)

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Select number of doors

Some of our Acorn Garages come with 1 Pair of Softwood doors as part of the package price, however if you would like to add additional doors then please select below. 1 Door means 1 Pair of doors for 1 Bay. Bare in mind when selecting the number of doors you'd like that you will need to choose the corresponding number of partitions. ie. 2 doors - 1 partition, 3 doors - 2 partitions, 4 doors - 3 partitions. 

Our doors are manufactured in softwood as standard but if you would like another wood, please select from drop down menu below.

NOTE In the final illustration only one pair of doors will be shown but your quote will represent the number of doors specified.

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Partitions will allow you to divide your garage space to use for different purposes. Perhaps you'd like to use a one bay as a workshop and another for storage. Please note,

Internal partitions will be required to separate any open bays from those which need to be securely closed with garage doors. Only choose ‘No Partitions’ if all bays are either open or have the maximum number of doors selected and you want the building open internally.  

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Choose accessories

There are a number of additional accessories and upgrades available once you have chosen your garage. Upgrade your weatherboard from Softwood to Oak, purchase our specially made ODC facing bricks that are exactly the right width for the post, add a door or a window. For a full list of our accessories and upgrages please visit our Accessories & Upgrades page for more information

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Choose Services

We offer our expert assembly services nationwide but please note our groundworks and roofing services may be location dependant.

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