Oak Framed Cart Lodge - Garages with Full Span Roofs


For bespoke elegance see our Oak Framed Cart Lodge Garages featuring Full Span Roofs. Perfectly blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design, these garages offer a timeless aesthetic while providing ample space for your vehicles and more.

Crafted from the finest oak, each garage promises durability and a striking appearance that enhances any property. Ideal for those seeking a functional yet stylish solution, our Oak Framed Cart Lodges are a testament to quality and luxury. With options starting from a 1 bay garage up to a four bay garage. Explore the fusion of classic charm and contemporary functionality with us.

Choosing an Oak Framed Cart Lodge offers several benefits:

Aesthetic Appeal: Oak frames provide a classic, timeless look that enhances property aesthetics, particularly beautiful for homes in the British countryside.
Durability: Oak is known for its strength and longevity, ensuring a lasting structure.
Customisation: Through our bespoke design services these wooden garages can be tailored to specific needs and preferences, offering flexibility in design.
Eco-Friendly: Oak is a sustainable material, making these Oak framed cart lodges environmentally friendly.
Value Addition: Adding an oak framed cart lodge can increase property value due to its desirability and quality.

What does Full Span mean?

A full span on our oak buildings differs to the catslide shape, as the beams to the front & rear inside of the building remain the same height creating the same height at the front as to the rear, increasing space & storage ability. 

How does this benefit you?

A full span oak framed garage is larger internally as it provides full standing height to the very back. So if you want to use the building for a habitable spec such as when using for an office, home gym or guest suite the full span will offer you better height & space.

The Full Span design would also suit larger/taller cars that require increased height at the rear of a garage.

When looking at a like for like Oak Designs garage with the catslide and full span shapes, the full span shape will be a slightly higher cost, however it can be more versatile and can add even further value than a catslide oak framed garage will add onto your property.


Our Services

Oak Designs offers two main services: Supply & Build and Supply & Assemble. The Supply & Build service is comprehensive, covering all aspects from groundwork to final assembly, including optional planning and project management services. This turnkey solution is ideal for clients seeking a hassle-free experience.

The Supply & Assemble option caters to those who prefer handling the groundwork with a local contractor. Oak Designs provides and assembles the oak frame on the prepared base. Additional services like groundworks and roofing may be available depending on location. For more detailed information, please visit Oak Designs - Our Services.

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