Acorn Garages with Full Span Roofs

What does Full Span mean?

A full span roof is a roof unlike a catslide, the beam to the front & rear inside of the building remain the same height. This is typically 2.10m to the underside of the eaves, although this can be adjusted.

How does this benefit you?

With a Full Span roof you can utilise all of the space inside the building as it will provide full standing height to the very back. So if you were to convert a bay into an office or home gym the full span will offer you better height & space. The Full Span design would also suit larger/taller cars that require increased height at the rear of a garage.


We are currently working on providing our Acorn + Full Span range of standard designs which will also have extra options such as half bay widths. If you would like any information or a quote for the Full Span Garage please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team on:

T: 01273 400411