Oak Framed Cart Lodge - Garages with Full Span Roofs

What does Full Span mean?

A full span on our oak buildings differs to the catslide shape, as the beams to the front & rear inside of the building remain the same height creating the same height at the front as to the rear, increasing space & storage ability. 

How does this benefit you?

A full span oak framed garage is larger internally as it provides full standing height to the very back. So if you want to use the building for a habitable spec such as when using for an office, home gym or guest suite the full span will offer you better height & space.

The Full Span design would also suit larger/taller cars that require increased height at the rear of a garage.

When looking at a like for like Oak Designs garage with the catslide and full span shapes, the full span shape will be a slightly higher cost, however it can be more versatile and can add even further value than a catslide oak framed garage will add onto your property.


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