Split Level Garage, Store & Outbuilding

Blending Into The Countryside

Softwood Garage Doors

This bespoke oak frame building was designed to create a building that incorporates a garage, store room and outbuilding with side, front and middle access on a site with multiple different levels. This highly versatile oak building was built to a spec to give it the ability to be tuned into a habitable spec building in the future.  This building has the potential to be turned into a guest suite, air bnb stay, home office, home gym as well as many other possible functions.

With the slate roof we worked with our clients, combining three different oak frame buildings with three different ridge lines on gable and fully hipped roofs to create a striking unique design. The different side, front and rear access points of the building allow a nice flow through the buildings as well as creating segregated spaces within the combined design.

Custom Outbuilding Planning & Design

 A turnkey service was provided with this exciting project including structural calculations, planning drawings, site visits, ground works, roofing, as well as assembly by our specialist teams at the Oak Designs Company.  

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