The Granary

Design & Luxury

This oak frame building was designed to be a ground floor extension to help create a luxurious entertaining  and living space to an existing brick built building.  All the joinery bar the Velux roof lights have been hand crafted in oak with double glazing. The large amount of glass used in this joinery brings a lot of natural light into the building and gives great views out onto neighbouring fields. Internally the space opens up to the rear onto an outdoor dining & entertainment area as well as side access at the front to the adjoining pre-existing brick building.
We have used the very highest grade oak there is for the frame which is an additional upgrade  here at the Oak Designs Co. Internal oak has recieved a sandblasting treatment which we can also offer as a further service, it looks amazing on these oak framed internal structures and really helps to bring out and accentuate the natural characteristics of the wood. 
our clients have done an amazing job with the internal fit out especially with the built in speaker systems, fully stocked bar & kitchenette. A few of many features that help make this such a fantastic hang out & entertaining space.
The vaulted ceiling and exposed feature trusses further increase the feeling of space and luxury inside this building. The LED lighting between the top sides of the feature trusses and the ceiling is new feature that we have never seen used with our designs and we think it looks great! If you have a project you would like to explore further get in contact with us today.

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