The Winchester

The Way To Do It

Iroko Garage Doors

The Winchester is a double bay full span garage with a fully hipped roof utilising Penhurst handmade clay tiles and a bespoke designed side log store. This log store allows easy access from the side & front designed specifically for wheely  bins and logs. The secure right hand side bay is enclosed by a full height partition as well as a hardwood garage door hand made in iroko with high quality ironmongery. Even the black T hinges are hand made here in the UK.

 Internally we have increased storage further by creating a loft through a mezzanine floor accessible by an aluminium dropdown ladder. The full span shape also contributes a vast amount of extra storage ability, as well a making this oak frame building highly versatile for different uses, adding even more value to the property.

 The first bay has been left open for easy daily access in and out for parking of one of the cars. Alongside specially made extra wide Oak Designs bricks have been used allowing the buildings frame to sit flush upon which looks better, saves internal space and creates costs savings compared to utilising normal bricks where you would normally have to use twice the number.

 Larch weatherboard has been used on the Winchester however you also have a choice of softwood or oak with your building. A turnkey service was provided to our clients that included attaining planning permission, design, manufacture, structural calcs, building control, 1st + 2nd fix assembly, TPO (tree protection order) management, roofing, drainage works, groundworks which included a new driveway as well as the foundations, muckaway & landscaping.

New oak posts and fencing we also installed to replace the old dilapidated fence. The old main gate was saveable though so with new fittings it was able to be hung onto the new oak posts.

 A mullion window design, viewable from the front of the house has been used aesthetically as well as practically as it brings natural light into the internal space whilst keeping it secure. All of our windows and doors are hand made to the highest quality here in the UK and come in range of designs, sizes or can be custom made to order.

Our clients were a lovely couple to work for and tour team at Oak Designs got some lovely feedback from them as well as the neighbours! If you would like to discuss a new project get in contact with us today.