1 Bay Catslide Garage & Half Bay Attachment

1 Bay + CAT + HB Range

These small but perfectly formed Garages with the addition of the CATSLIDE & HALF BAY are a great cost effective method for maximising internal storage. The Half bays also can also still be customized into secure areas or separate stores & can eliminate the need for sometimes costly double garage doors.the half bays also provide a very cost effective way to achieve much more space and great for sites where there is limited space. This design also lends itself to store not only just one car, but also large items such as ride on lawn mowers, motorbikes and workshop areas for example. This design removes the need to extend the budget as normally you would be looking for a 2 bay as a minimum size to factor in these wants and needs.  We have a choice of our standard 1 bay designs detailed below which also come in an extra wide bay width (2.9m between posts).

Below you can see the different options that we have available in terms of structure and size. They also can be customised to site requirements and your design.