The Eastbourne ~ Outdoor Kitchen & Home Office

Barbecue parties, especially in the summer months are an extremely popular form of entertaining at home. Whether it is family parties or inviting a group of friends round, these are a great way to entertain your gusset and make the most of the fine weather.

By introducing your very own an Outdoor Kitchen / Covered Terrace it will enable you to counteract any dodgy weather and prevent the British weather spoiling the occasion (as we know it always will) therefore always being able to get outside and enjoy the day regardless of the weather. There’ll be no need for an umbrella, this will provide you and your family/guests with all the cover and protection that they’ll need. The inclusion of a logstore will also allow you to have access to increased storage with style.

Below you are able to see the plans of this Outdoor Kitchen / Covered Terrace, viewing the structure, size and overall design and get a better perspective on whether it is the sort of addition you want to make to your home. 

The eastbourne blue prints