1 Bay Garage + Store Project Case Study

Oak Designs Build

1 Bay + Store 1 Bay + Store Front 1 Bay + Store Corner 1 Bay + Store End 1 Bay + Store Window 1 Bay + Store Close

This is a customised 2 bay garage combining 1 bay for a car and the other a storeroom/tool shed. The roof is Gable, with treated softwood doors. 

This bespoke garage and store build is designed to meet the need of the user. We provide customised designs to meet your needs and deliver solutions that are perfect for you. This case study combines an external garage with internal storage so that the building is utilised to its full potential. We designed and built the garage and storage from our client's specifications. We can work with your specifications and design a project that is perfect for you.

Oak Designs produce bespoke garages and buildings for all kinds of purposes. Whether you are looking for garage space or want to build outdoor living at your home, we can provide the perfect solution. We can supply you with the materials if you want to build it yourself or completely assemble the project. Our team can answer any questions that you might have so make sure you get in touch.

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