Custom 2 Bay Garage First Floor Build

2 bay garage plus first floor with external staircase

Over the years we have produced a number of different garage designs to fulfil the needs and desires of clients. Here display a two bay oak frame garage that we have recently worked on. It now has a large first floor that has been turned into a snug, as well as it’s very own cinema room.

The joinery of this building includes two double garage doors and three light opening windows at the front of the building in order to provide natural lighting into the garage, as well as a personal door with external staircase to the rear providing you with access to the upper floor of the building.

You have access to the upper floors via an external staircase to the side of the garage. The external staircase and two double garage doors are in place as to provide you with a point of entrance when the staircase may not be accessible to you.

This roof of this building has been done with a Barn Hip & roof machine made clay tiles.