Basic 4 Bay First Floor Garage

affordable first floor build

upstairs shell with exposed rafters & stud work prior to insulation and plasterboard

This four bay first floor full span garage comprises of larch weatherboard, softwood rafters, oak frame and oak external staircase. One pair of garage doors and a larch partition have been used to create three open bays and one bay with a lockable secure space.

 Next to this, is the oak external staircase, which leads up to a personnel door into the first floor area. Here two dormer windows and a gable roof are used to maximise the space on the first floor level. Slate roof tiles have been used on the roofing which not only looks great but helps to bring the ridge height of the building down always an important issue when applying for permission which is always needed with first floor garages.

This building as previously mentioned is a first floor garage with a full span shape if you have any questions please feel free to get into contact with the office on 01273 400411 or alternatively go our contact us section on our website.

The beauty of a first floor garages is the number of uses it can be turned to as well as the capital value it adds onto your property. The best uses of a first floor in a garage when looking at adding even more value onto your property is normally home offices or guest suites with en-suites.

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