3 Bay Full Span Garage Custom Design & Build

Custom Design Full Span

3 Bay Garage Fully Hipped Roof 3 Bay Oak Doors Automated doors Just before the rain
We design bespoke buildings and garages to suit our client’s needs – whether you submit your own architectural technical drawings, rough sketches or photos we can work with you to create a building that works structurally and utilises our high quality oak framed structures. 
This three bay garage boasts a little bit extra than the everyday garage. We have added a rear opening to the far left bay that you can't see in the photos. This allows easy access for vehicles and machinery to be driven through the garage into the garden section behind the garage.  The middle bay doors that have been fitted with remote controlled electric opening arms.  These open outwards showing a deceptively large storage space aided further by the full height front & rear of the full span shape of this garage as well as and the vaulted ceiling inside the roof structure. This creates a massive amount of usable  storage space ideal for any home.
The roof is fully hipped in keeping with the house roof type allowing it to blend in superbly to its surrounding and looks as though it has always been there. 

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