Custom 2 Bay Garage + stores

Custom 2 Bay Garage with dual stores

Custom 2 Bay with logstores Custom 2 Bay with logstores corner view Custom 2 Bay with logstores side view

This 2 Bay garage is based on the Acorn A2-533L design but has an additional Logstore/bin store added to the left-hand side. The additional log storage helps you by providing a unique storage location for your logs; not to mention providing as a further visual feature to the design of your oak garage.

The Fully hipped roof also has an increased pitch to give extra height at the rear of the garage under the catslide to enable this space to be used for a sealed off storage area from the open garage. A customised personnel door allows access to the rear area and provides security.

The 2 bay garage here provides shelter all year round, whether it’s when the beaming sun is shining down, or rain is hammering down this garage will keep your cars safe and secure.

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