Custom Built Garden Room Project

Garden Room

Garden Room Garden Room Garden Room Garden Room Garden Room Garden Room Garden Room

This custom garden room allows great views over a gorgeous garden through oak framed windows and french doors that open out onto it.  There is an oak personnel door round the side offering as the main entrance. This building uses larch weatherboarding with a gable roof & mullion window.

Exposed oak beams & trusses with vaulted ceiling and underfloor heating help give this garden room a striking, spacious and comfortable area to relax in.

Future plans for this space is to provide a garden/ living room to act as a "snug in the winter" and more of a day room to open out to the garden outside, during the summer. The owners also plan to link this to the main house with a walkway connected to the side personnel door.

If you have been inspired by this project then Oak Designs can help make your own idea a reality. We can help design and build a project that meets your needs. Make sure you get in touch with our team today and find out how we can help you.

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