Custom Art Studio Build Project

Customised Garage to Art Studio

Art Studio Logstore Art Studio Side View2 Art Studio Side View Art Studio 5 The Art Studio Garden View Art Studio Window Art Studio Side View3

This Custom Art Studio is an adaptation of a 2 Bay Garage, however, this design contains it’s very own log storage positioned at the rear – providing a unique location for you to store all your firewood and logs that you have collected up over time.

One bay has been completely enclosed to provide an indoor studio area with the other bay open for an outdoor craft space. However, this is a modification that is open to the owner, however, you may want to use the space best this can offer you the opportunity to do so.

This design could be used in a multitude of combinations; For example, you could use the additional space and an area for outdoor dining with an indoor kitchen and outdoor dining area, home gym or office; or just an additional working studio to work within.

However you would like to make use of the additional storage area is up to you, but the flexibility it possesses is unlimited. It really does depend on how you want to utilise the space.

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