Wind Barrier Porch Build

Wind Barrier Porch

This oak porch in East Dean, in Eastbourne, has been designed with a large glass screen on the left-hand side to shelter the owners and guests from the rain and the wind. Porches act as a great first impression creating a lead way into your home. Enclosed porches add this further by also creating storage areas for you to hang up coats, store shoe stores and create utility storage. Curb appeal and practicality rolled into one.

This particular porch also has a full-length floor to the celling narrow window on the right next to the front door which helps create a contemporary look with the joinery and large glass screen; these with the help of the oak frame go great with the style of the building. Enabling the porch to look like a natural fit, as opposed to something you can clearly see was added at a later date to the house.  As the timbers silver with exposure to the sun this point will be re-enforced further.

150mm x150mm straight cut staddle stones have also been used whilst Machine made clay tiles have been used on the roof as well as for the ridge tiles.

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