Oak House Porch Design and Build Project

The Oak House Porch

This Porch has been designed so that the rest of its frame helps to provide an entrance hall for the house. Internally this area has been used as a walk way, somewhere you hang up coats keeping them out of the way and also somewhere to sit down and take off shoes.

The inclusion of this oak designed porch helps to add value to your home and somewhat of a necessity to help keep your home tidy and clutter free, whilst also creating a luxurious entrance in your home.

Porches are great in their statement about you & your home but also combine practicality and convenience into one simple area. Not only is this porch a practical addition to a home, it improves the overall visual to the front of this property and increases curb appeal, a good method of adding value.  

If you are interested in adding one of our exceptional oak porches to your home, then get in touch with our sales team today. 

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