The Ampleforth ~ Garage & Outdoor Dining

As times change, it seems now as if entertaining at home is becoming the new 'Dining Out', you take turns going out for dinner at friends’ homes. Therefore because of this, it’s time for you to make sure that you are taking full advantage of every square inch of the space you have available to you outside and do what you can to ensure that your outside space is increasingly popular and comfortable to spend time. As this can be an ideal place for you to sit out in during the summer months.

The Ampleforth Design is very a versatile and flexible design that could be used as an additional area as part of any swimming pool or tennis court entertainment area that you may already have within your home. Perhaps it could even be used as a combination building for garage and storage.

Below we have the overall plans and design of the Ampleforth, enabling you to get a greater understanding of what this design is and how it might fit into your home. 

The Ampleforth blue print