The Cheltenham ~ Garage & Home Office

Here we take a look at the Cheltenham garage. This is a 2 bay garage with first-floor space above, offering you plenty of further storage room to utilise, as well as the inclusion of 2 car ports. This offers you a unique garage solution that provides you unparalleled storage space from your own home, as well as a unique area for your home vehicles.  

The Cheltenham isn’t just ideal for storing spare utensils and equipment, with the inclusion of some first-floor space it can double up perfect for guest accommodation or to use as an office...or pretty much anything you choose!

This design is very versatile; add a partition, mullion windows and doors to 1 bay to create a secure workshop area. You really do have the freedom to use this space for anything you like.

You are able to get an in-depth look at the design for this garage below.

The Cheltenham Garage and Home Office