The Sevenoaks ~ Garage, Store & Home Office

Our Sevenoaks garage design provides a unique design. It includes a three-way building that comes together in a way to combine an excellent amount of space for your cars and workshop.

Inside this garage, it provides you with an internal staircase that provides you with access to the first floor of the garage.

On the first floor, you will find a Velux window, which is included in the design in order to help provide a source of natural light. This then helps to create a flexible space for work or leisure that is accompanied by a free source of light.

Take a look at the plans below for this garage design in order to get a better idea of the spectacular design of our Sevenoaks garage. 

This three-way building combines space for car and workshop. An internal staircase gives access to the first floor where the Velux windows provide natural light, thereby creating flexible space for work or leisure.
The Sevenoaks Garage and Home Office