The Radcliffe ~ Gazebo

This impressive 100% oak frame Gazebo with feature trusses provides an elegant space for outdoor entertaining or to relax with friends in the shade on a summer's day. However you decide to make use of your gazebo, it’s completely up to you. They provide the perfect facility to host family events and invite friends round, even to just sit out in and enjoy the warm weather, then this gazebo is ideal for you.

In order for you to be able to get a greater understanding of our gazebos, in terms of size and design then take a look at the plans that we have below. This will help give you a great idea on which style of gazebo is best suited to your needs, as well as which will fit best within your home.

If you require any further assistance or have any questions regarding our product range or different services that we offer, then feel free to get in contact with our sales team and they’ll be more than happy to help in any way that they can. 

The Radcliffe blue print