The Radcliffe Outdoor Living Gazebo

Outdoor Living, Gazebo

The perfect way to enjoy time outside The Radcliffe Gazebo A room with a view

What we are showcasing here is, the Radcliffe Gazebo. Gazeebos and other outdoor living adaptions are great to entertain outside yet still give protection from the famous un reliable weather we have here in the UK. 

This oak frame Gazeebo uses natural slate tiles on the roof. Exposed oak trusses & purlins are also used, these accentuate the traditions of craftsmanship we use here at the Oak Designs Co.

The brickwork to the rear and left-hand side offers a fantastic framework for a number of different outdoor features, such as the sink, fridge, hob, BBQ and pizza oven. Now, what more could you need for your outdoor dining requirements?  


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