The Shrewsbury ~ Home Office

The Shrewsbury Home Office offers a good size working space with two windows and large double doors at the front to let in light as well as any visitors to your office! This way you are able to sit and observe what’s going on in your garden – if you become stuck with something you can sit and gaze out the window whilst you think about your next step. We offer a range of services and will assemble the building for you to make sure it is built perfectly.

The sizes and dimensions (including veranda area) of this home office are as follow: W: 5900mm x D: 4600mm Height to Ridge: 3935mm

For further details on the overall design and layout of this office then you are able to see a blueprint of the overall office design below:

If you have any interest in transforming a place in your home into a dream home office, then you enquire by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. 

The Shrewsbury blue prints