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Oak Designs Material Specification

It is important that you read about our materials and understand a little about how they are processed and made ready for production. You will also be reassured by our saftey standards on all materials used. There is a big difference in how different wood ages and weathers and its a good idea to learn about this so you can make the right decisions for the building you require. 

Once your building is assembled, you will no doubt be keen to know how to care for the wood and keep it protected. Again by reading our material spec, this will help to answer your questions.

ODC Material Specification (2016).pdf

Oak Designs Roof Material Options

Please read our document regarding 'Roof Material Options'

Roofing Material Options.pdf

Oak Designs T&C's

Before ordering a building with Oak Designs we recommend that you read through our terms and conditions so that we you can align your expectations with ours. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, support and communication, however it isn't always possible to inform our customers of every detail in the ordering, delivery and build process. By reading our T&C's this may help with any unanswered questions.