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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms


The term 'Groundworks' refers to the ground preparation and foundations being built before the building work can commence. In the case of Oak Designs we recommend you employ the help of a local building contractor to carry out these works, unless of course you wish to do it yourself!

We provide you with all the information required before you begin (subject to site conditions and Building Regulations Approval, if necessary).

ODC Facing Bricks

These bricks have been specially created for us at an increased width of 150mm and fit perfectly with the sole plate that sits on top. Staddle Stone This is the stone that sits underneath any independent oak posts to raise them up from damp and rain. The stones are designed to fit perfectly with the oak post.

 Barn Hip

What is a Barn Hip Roof? This roof design might be considered a little more traditional in appearance. Each gable end has a half hip, which reduces the length of the ridge and decreases the overall volume of the roof. Benefits include a more aesthetically pleasing blend with existing buildings that have a similar roof line. This roof can be a little more cost effective than a full hip, as fewer bonnets are required.

Cat Slide

The term Cat Slide refers to any roof where there is an additional area of roof extending beyond the main eaves, and the rear eaves height is lower than the front. This is achieved by having a secondary frame and lean-to rafters fixing to the main rear eaves, forming a continuous area for tiling. The use of a Cat Slide will assist in increasing the floor area of a building without increasing the ridge height – particularly helpful where ridge height is a condition of planning regulations.

Eaves Beam

This is the beam that the rafters sit on, also called a ‘roof plate’.

Full Hip

What is a Full Hip Roof? This roof line is the most dramatic in its angles. The roof planes from the ridge to the eaves are larger than that of the Barn Hip. This design would allow the least amount of roof space.

Gable End

What is a Gable End Roof? This is the Roof Design that can sit completely flush against another building. The ridge extends to the full width of the building, creating a triangular area of weatherboarding above each end wall. Benefits include additional roof space/height if you are looking to use your roof space as storage or as part of a first floor.


What is the Ridge? This is the apex of the roof, the highest point.


The term 'Joinery' refers to Doors and Windows. At Oak Designs we offer one garage door design and one window design. These designs can be tailored to suit your requirements in terms of size and material. There is a choice of timber species; Softwood, Idigbo, Iroko, and Oak which come with a clear base coat. Secondary protective treatments by others. Our doors come with an Ironmongery pack which refers to the hinges, bolts and handles and is included in the price of your doors and windows