2 Bay Garage + Catslide & Barn hip Roof

2 Bay Garage + Catslide & Barn hip Roof

2 Bay Garage with Barn Hip Roof Front View 2 Bay Barn Hip - side 2 Bay Barn Hip - roof 2 Bay Barn Hip - side2 2 Bay Barn Hip - side2

We provide a wonderful range of different garages for you, whatever needs you might require from it. Here you can see a fantastic example of our very own two bay garages with a barn hip roof, otherwise known in-house as the A2-532. 

The garage itself contains a catslide and Barn Hip roof. It also provides you with an excellent storage area and ideal protection for your belongings; whether you need a place to store your cars or just general home equipment and accessories to help reduce the clutter!

This oak framed open design provides two car ports ideal for storing your vehicles all year round, from the summer sun to wintery showers. This provides you with an exceptional shelter for your vehicles.

If are interested in a two bay garage you can contact our team today on either sales@oak-designs.co.uk or on the office line: 01273 400 411 alternatively you can request us to contact you by filling out the contact us form.

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