2 Bay Garage + Catslide & Barn hip Roof

2 Bay Garage + Catslide & Barn hip Roof

2 Bay Garage with Barn Hip Roof Front View 2 Bay Barn Hip - side 2 Bay Barn Hip - roof 2 Bay Barn Hip - side2 2 Bay Barn Hip - side2

This two bay oak framed garage is a catslide shaped building utilising a barn hip roof on both ends.  This garage known as the Midhurst has a product key of an A2-532 this design provides two car ports ideal for storing your vehicles all year round, from the summer sun to the enslaught of winter weather as well as creating a great space for storage and adding added value to your property.

We can supply garages doors for all our buildings and as well as many other features, however this garage has been left with both bays open allowing vehicles to be moved in and out easier for the everyday driver.

This oak framed garage provides a great statement piece on any driveway. For further information on two bay catslide garages have a look on the two bay catslide garages page. Or  get in contact with the office on 01273400411 or request to be contacted via the contact us form.

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