2 Bay Garage + Laundry Room

2 Bay Garage + Laundry Room

2 Bay Garage + Laundry Room 1

This 2 Bay Garage is actually a modified 3 bay garage as the final 3rd bay. This has been built to accommodate a laundry room with Velux windows and two personal doors, one of which that opens to the front and the other that opens round the side to the back of the garden.  A gable roof has been used with machine made clay tiles.

Internally and externally this building has power and lighting whilst also inside there are two open bays that have been used as a man cave and garage space. The internal partition has not gone all the way up to the rafters on purpose to allow for a smart storage loft space above the Laundry room to be created. Creating a mezzanine floor above garage bays is a great method of utilising the vaulted ceilings for smart storage in our oak framed buildings. These can be added to the design for us to assemble by our skilled carpenters on site or retro fitted years down the line by your own contractors.

Two good methods of keeping costs down on this project have been the use of larch weatherboarding that silvers similar to oak with age and doesn’t require treatment.  The use of softwood doors instead of hardwood doors has also been opted for to  keep costs down. If you’re looking at painting your garage doors it is definitely worth going down the softwood road as they look great, take colour better and also help keep the budget lower.

A softwood undercover walkway has also connected the laundry room to the house making the quick trips “too” and “fro,” much more pleasant especially in winter months.

 We loved working on this project and were very pleased the clients were ecstatic with the result. They want another building from us and we have started work on designing a TANK store!

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