2.5 Bay Catslide + Side Log Store

2.5 bay catslide fully hipped roof & side logstore

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This two and a half bay catslide oak frame garage garage uses softwood studwork with Larch weatherboarding and a fully hipped roof comprising of machine made marley staff blue tiles. 

Further on the right hand side of the building, a side log store area has been created within a section of the half bay. The design of this is emphasised by the catslide roof running down to the rear. 

Our specially made extra wide ODC bricks have been used which are a width of 150mm and allow the oak posts and sole plate to sit flush on top which gives the overall shape of the garage a much neater finish than standard bricks.  Other benefits other than just aesthetics include lower labour costs, smaller foundation details and lower quantities of material needed when laying out the bricks above and below slab.  

 Garages with half bay attachments are a great way of increasing internal storage by keeping the costs down. When you start to increase a garage by bay size the costs can start to increase much quicker. Garage half bay attachments can also help to create a separate secure space through the use of a partition and a personnel door, again a great method to keep within a smaller budget as to achieve this normally you would need a minimum of a two bay garage and then you would need to factor in a set of garage doors with a partition so half bay attachments are a not only more cost effective but they can make a storage space a lot more versatile in your garage or outbuilding. 



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