Balcony Rear Porch

Breakfast & Dinner

This rear porch of ours changed to incorporating a balcony, after we were told the property would be having some renovation works. After a site visit we created a simple design that would work with the ground floor as well as the upstairs whereby French doors would lead out onto a good sized balcony. 

now they have a lovely porch which is an asset to sit under with table and chairs during the summer and winter as well as balcony that they can walk out onto with gorgeous views across their garden. 

It also shows how with the use of glass and wood how it is a great & easy method to help renovate & revamp a brick property.  The porch element of the frame was made in oak that has silvered in the sun over time whilst the balcony has been done in idigbo.

Very kindly our clients sent us in these photos. Unfortunately they will no longer have the luxury of having dinner underneath it and breakfast on top of it as they have since moved. But we wish the new owners many happy years enjoying this porch balcony combo.

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