The Sanctuary Garden Room and Office

Garden Room/Office

The Ultimate Hideaway! Apples Garden lavendar

This design is based on our 1 Bay Garage + Logstore with the addition of some attractive french windows. Please see our 1 Bay + Logstore to give you an idea of dimensions 1 Bay Range. Or see below for dimensions specific to the image shown above in gallery.

This beautiful little building would be the perfect hideaway for any hardworking individual, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine, watch the garden grow; and as the colder evenings draw in then fire up a log burner to keep you toasty and allow you to enjoy time away from the house all year round.You could also use this space as a Home Office or creative space. 

If this project has inspired you then make sure you get in touch with us today. Whether you want something that is the same or something slightly different, our expert team can help you realise your ideas or design you something bespoke to your requirements.

All designs are customisable with the option to add windows, side door, chimney etc. For more information or a quote please call our sales team on: 01273 400411




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