Custom Oak Framed Gazebo & Pergola

Custom Gazebo & Pergola

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This gorgeous oak framed Gazebo with an oak Pergola to the side was a pleasure to put up, and a delight to look  at when it was all said and done despite attrocious conditions on day one our assembly team did a sterling job with the frame erction complete by day two.

The design of this building is based on our A2-533 Garage, which is a 2 bay garage with a full hip roof minus the sides! 

This outdoor building provides shelter from sun and rain, and offers a fabulous vantage point, enabling you to enjoy some peace & quiet in your garden.

This garage design also helps you to create a great space to entertain and dine alfresco! Ideal for hot summer days when the suns shining down.

To begin with there was a lot of planting that needed to be done to complement the structure. This included over 200 lavender plants. One of many reasons why we very much look forward to seeing the garden again once it has grown and matured.

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