Bespoke Gazebo Bar Design & Build

custom gazebo with built in bar

Gazebo Bar Framework Gazebo Bar mortice & tenon Gazebo Bar Frame

We were asked to design a solution for an outdoor entertaining area, which also provided a focal point for our clients beautifully landscaped garden. In order to best achieve this, we decided to design an opened sided Gazebo/Bar in order to provide shelter from sun and rain, as well as an ideal place for you to be able to store refreshments!

The structure was all oak, with an oak worktop for the bar and oak weather boarding to the lower panel. The roof was fully hipped using a clay tile with mixed colours to give it a greater appeal and improved the visual elements as well as enabling us to compliment the landscaped garden of the client. We finished off the design with lead finial.

Groundworks were minimal as the structure stood on oak posts with staddle stones instead of brickwork - providing a much more delicate design that was more fitting to the natural landscape of the garden in which we were working within.

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