Bespoke Bays

Design To Suit Different Needs

Bespoke Bays 2


This lovely 2.5 bay catslide shaped garage was assembled by our client and delivered in kit form. Each bay was designed with different measurements to suit different uses. One of our standard bay widths of 2.6m were used as well as a bay width of 3.2m between the posts, finished with a 2m half bay. This was done for maximum storage as well as to give this oak framed garage the ability to store 2 two large cars comfortably as well as store and be able to manoeuvre a large trailer in and out of the garage.

A larger bespoke eaves height was used creating a clearance from slab level of 2.3m, this would of course have normally increased the height of the garage however we used a custom pitch with the gable roof and the use of slate tiles to  help achieve a ridge height of below 4m.

Depending on your site this can be one of the elements that allows a building to be classed under permitted development and means you don’t have to attain planning permission. Despite the ridge height being under 4m where this oak frame building was located on the site, our clients still had to go down the planning permission route. The clients site required planning for different reasons as well as being in an AONB. According do our client due to the reduced ridge height and the nature of our buildings it made planning much easier.

We often find planners are a lot more agreeable to our buildings especially in areas of AONB’S, as well as where there are listed buildings on a plot. This is for many reasons including the use of eco-friendly renewable materials, flexibility of design and lower carbon footprint our oak frame buildings offer. Depending on location we can also offer our planning services with our buildings feel free to contact us for more information on this.    

Larch weatherboard was used to clad the garage with an oak frame and oak soleplate. We think our client did an excellent job and finished it off with external down and uplighters as well as internal lighting which looks great at night and those dark winter evenings. Thanks for sending in these photos and hope you continue to enjoy your garage for many years to come!

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